Don’t apply a visa.
If you haven’t talked to us.

Do you need a Visa?
If you worry to applying a visa
If you don’t have job, money or don’t have time.
If you don’t know any processes to applying a visa.
Or you was refused a visa.

Knight Visa Help Point, We consult you all processes to applying a visa in preparing documents. We will assist you in all conditions such as filling out the visa forms or arranging that document is not enough for you to be granted a visa from the embassy at the present. If you worry about the visa and don’t know any processes to applying a visa. If your financial or your work is not ready, or don’t have time to go to the embassy or be afraid of being refused a visa or even no confidence. All these problems, we can help you by the best way and right process to applying a visa.

Every customers of Knight Visa Help Point will be helped in all processes because we do by analyzing the information of the customer including strength or weakness of the customer to be having a completely documents for applying a visa.

We consult you in depth analysis that you will see your chance to be granted a visa.

  • A necessary documents to applying a visa of the applicant and also from sponsor of the applicant.
  • Evaluating of the opportunities to applying a visa, analyze problems and solutions.
  • To getting the invitation letter from sponsor of the applicant.
  • Checking the financial, work documents and find the solutions of financial or work problems.
  • Filling the form, preparing the documents and practice to interview.
  • Writing the cover letter or clarification letter to explain the purpose to applying a visa. (This part is very important.)

Our services

Non-Immigrant / Temporary Visit

Applying for Tourist visa or Visitor visa (Visit Friend or Family), the procedures for each country is different.
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Spouse – Fiancée – Unmarried or same-sex partner-Settlement

Fiancee visa The marriage visa is a visa. Planning to live with a foreign spouse.
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Consultation for marriage registration services with foreigners in Thailand.

Temporary Visas for those who wish to travel to the United States temporarily for business or tourism,…
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All language translation service

We have translation service for all language bases on your demand, either translation for business or document for submission to the embassy,…
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Book Hotels & Flights

We have plane ticket booking services for traveling. Including hotel reservations for countries in which you travel. Contact us, you will get everything for the trip.

Travel Insurance by Bangkok Insurance

Regardless of how safe it is to travel, unpredictable things can happen. We therefore have insurance services for those traveling far. To give you peace of mind when traveling
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Thai visa for foreigners

If you wish to stay in Thailand for a long time and you are aged 50 years or older have a stable financial income. We have many offers to help you stay in Thailand comfortably.

If you need a help for applying a visa, more than just filling the form or having documents.
Knight Visa Help Point, Free consultation and find solution for guarantee visa.

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