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Knight Visa Help Point

Welcome to Knight Visa Help Point, we are visa consultant for all case. We assist in your visa application and document processing service with all embassies both in Thailand and foreign countries. For all customers receive an excellent service and correct information about process of all types’ visa application.

We understand in the different requirement, with our service mind, correct information and analyze the opportunity from our experience in profession. We acquire and understand in your different requirement; we can definitely analyze point of your problem in visa application for your most beneficial result. So, you will directly receive the answer for all questions and analyze, evaluate your visa application.

Performance of Knight Visa Help Point; we have knowledge, experience and officer that professional and responsible. We assured that in business of visa consultant, we have many results and various type of visa in almost countries. So, that is the guarantee of our performance and the results fulfill our vision and procedure.

Moreover, we have been always reliable from our customer that pass along in service and got service through our company continuously.

Our procedure not only filling up visa application form and preparing document but we analyze customer problem from interview customer for good presentation method to the embassy.


We trust that all problems of customers have a solution. From many results that our customers get visa approval, that means we can solve their problem perfectly.


Priority of work is consultation, method and solution professionally. We use experience and knowledge include read up on embassy conditions carefully. That’s why we can give advice and solution until our customer receives the desired result.

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