Australia – New Zealand visa

Australia – New Zealand visa

Tourist visa – Visitor visa
To request Tourist visa or Visitor visa(Boyfriend/Friend/Family), The procedures of each country are different. But important in every country is the request must clearly show the status. In the event that there is an invitation, the invitation letter from the country of invitation must be presented and presented. Evidence of the relationship is clear, including documents from the sponsor to show the status of the invite.

Evidence of applying to visa
– Applicants must clearly show the financial status, work, relationships in Thailand.
– If the applicant has a sponsor to pay travel expenses Must show the relationship document clearly.
– Strictly comply with the conditions of the visa application.
– In the case that the applicant has a foreign sponsor must present a credible relationship document for consideration to the embassy.
– Invitation letter from sponsoror Citizens of that country.

Our Service
– Provide basic advice on the opportunity to obtain a visa without charge.
– Specifying the list of documents that must be used in the filing of the documents and sponsors.
– Assess the visa opportunity, analyze problems and solutions.
– The process of requesting invitations(Invitation Letter)
– Check financial document, work and solutions.
– Filling out forms, Prepare a documents, Interview guideline.
– Writing a letter explaining information a document for the embassy is very important.
– Translation, Certify document, Insurance, Reservation hotel and ticket.
– Interview rehearsal.
– Schedule appointments and follow up result.

Spouse – Fiancée – Unmarried or same-sex partner- Settlement

Fiancee visa The marriage visa is a visa. Planning to live with a foreign spouse. Documentation must be carefully considered and the presentation of the documents of the applicant and the spouse is complete. For the staff That considers the intention of traveling to stay in the spouse’s country

In Action Applying to the embassy, the duration of the process in each embassy may vary depending on the type of visa. Applicants must ensure that Applying for a visa is of the type and according to the conditions for applying for that type of visa. In some types of applicant visas Must proceed to check up for health, request a certificate of conduct Language level examination and may require the request of documents from many Thai government agencies.

Remember that the staff Want to receive documents from you that are complete and correct according to the conditions by your documents and the spouse must clearly explain the status of both of you All problems must be explained to the authorities effectively. If the fiance visa application for a marriage visa, the applicant desires to succeed first Therefore, the preparation of information documents must be carefully considered and good planning for Submit documents to the embassy We strive to work for every customer. With intention With all customers

Principles of visa application
– Applicants and spouses Must show proof of relationship Reliable
– Spouse must present proof of work, financial status, security status in the country, spouse showing to the officer, embassy
– Applicants must go Ask for a certificate of conduct, health check and may need to test the language level knowledge of the spouse country.
– If you want to bring your child to follow the applicant to stay in the spouse country as well Must check the evidence of the child in all embassy conditions The applicant must provide complete information about the information of the applicant in the past. Cloaking any of your information may result in you not getting a visa approval. It is important that applicants should submit a complete visa application, which means providing information and enclosing evidence for consideration. The most complete With your application Because the officer may consider and judge only from the documents submitted initially

Our Service

– Provide basic advice on the opportunity to receive a visa. Without charge
– Check the status of documents, Thai department and spouse
– Requesting a certificate of celibacy or marriage permit Still domicile, spouse, residence or embassy in Thailand
– Marriage registration in Thailand
– Document translation
– Requesting a certificate of conduct Health examination
– Language course testing (Germany, France, England)
– Practice interview
– Contact with agencies of each country

For the spouse, there must be enough money to spend for himself, the other spouse, as well as the follower, in the case of a follower, and will not ask for money. Left from the government of the country

Children of Thai spouses Who are under 18 years old can apply for a visa as a follower Which can be submitted as a follower Which can be submitted with the primary visa applicant

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