Consultation for marriage registration services with foreigners in Thailand.

Consultation for marriage registration services with foreigners in Thailand.

Consultation for marriage registration services with foreigners in Thailand. We are ready to take care of you every step of the process and solving problems before marriage registration We have experience Marriage registration service in Thailand for foreigners To register marriage in Thailand.

Our Service
– Preparation of documents for Thai spouses To request a single certificate at the spouse country. The registration of marriage with foreigners In some countries, we may have to submit official documents. To the spouse to request “Certificate of celibacy” or “marriage permit” in the area where the spouse resides Therefore being able to register for marriage in Thailand.

– Translation of documents certifying documents at Thai embassies and consulates, Documents in the Thai government department that are required to register for that marriage Must be certified by the Thai Consulate And some countries need to bring documents to translate and certify at the spouse’s embassy Before proceeding To request marriage registration.

– Requesting a single certificate at the embassy, requesting a single certificate at the embassy Must prepare information to request “Single certificate” at the spouse’s embassy.

– Registration at the district office with witnesses, we are ready to facilitate marriage registration services. In every area you want With witnesses serving

We have an urgent marriage registration service, 1 day, free consultation (prenuptial agreement service)

Legal Consultation
Prenuptial Agreement by Thai Attorneys.
Before men and women are registered for marriage The law gives the spouse the right to contract before marriage. Determine the relationship between husband and wife In terms of property Which if there is no contract before marriage Relationship between husband and wife on property Must comply with the law, which the relationship between husband and wife In the management of matrimonial property Therefore, any spouse who wants to manage sales Real estate alone Without having to manage together Or have to seek consent from the other party Therefore may be done by premarital contract. In general, prenuptial agreements When made in the form prescribed by law Recorded in the marriage registration While having a marriage registration Will make the spouse forever Will not be able to change the revocation of the prenuptial agreement later, In addition to being allowed by the court And even if there is a message in the prenuptial agreement that the husband and wife have the right to agree to change the revocation of the contract before marriage This agreement cannot be enforced.

Contested / Uncontested Divorce
Divorce under the law can be done in 2 ways:
– Divorce by consent of both spouses
– Divorce by the court’s judgment

Marriage registration procedure in Thailand
Step1: Your spouse fill out the form. “Single certificate” Our office staff Will take you to the embassy for certification “Single certificate” from the embassy of your spouse. After that, we will bring “Single certificate” to translate and certify documents at Thai Consulate Chaengwattana.
Step2: Our Office staff will notify you to go to the district To register marriage to government officials, We have interpreters and witnesses for you on the day of marriage registration.

**** Note: If you have not yet registered a divorce with your ex husband/Wife You cannot register to marry a new husband/Wife, Because in law, you still hold a marriage status Then will be void because it is a double marriage.

1. What documents are used for the marriage registration of the Thai spouse?
– ID card, house registration, divorce certificate (if any), change name-surname (if any)

2. Foreign spouse Need to ask for a single certificate and certify documents from the embassy before?
– must be done before by a foreign spouse must request a single certificate And must be translated into Thai and must be certified at the consulate Before being able to register for marriage

3. In the case of Thai women after divorce registration Can I register a new marriage?
Answer can be done But need a medical certificate To confirm that it is not pregnant in the case of divorce registration not exceeding 310 days

4. How many days does the Consular Translation document wait for?
– with express in 1 day and 3 days in general

5. If wish for Knight Visa help point to be the operator What should I do?
– We will proceed. Requesting a single certificate at the embassy Translation of documents from foreign spouses Service to certify documents from the consulate Marriage registration at the district / district With interpreters and witnesses from the office staff

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