Long stay in Thailand is easy by holding Thailand Elite Card.


Benefit privilege of Thailand Elite Card

  • Travelling to Thailand unlimited
  • Convenience – easy access during Covid-19
  • Easy – expedited through immigration and passport control processing
  • Fast – coordinating with the government bureau
  • Exclusive – VIP greeting on arrival and departure
  • 24/7 – Member contact center coordinates with foreigners
  • Privilege Members – Limousine, Spa, Golf, Department Store, Bank
  • 20 years visa – Up to 20 years visa to stay long term in Thailand



What is Thailand Elite Card?

Thailand Elite is a project under the supervision of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). 

Thai government established Thailand Privilege Card Company which operates as the state enterprise. Thailand Privilege Card Company has a main objective which is issuing member cards for foreigners for 5 years, 10 years and 20 years that provide different levels of privilege benefits. 



Remark: Effective from January 1st, 2021 onwards the membership fee of the Elite Easy Access program will be increased from 500,000THB to 600,000THB


Types of Thailand Elite Card

1. Elite Easy Access Membership


2. Elite Family Alternative Membership


3. Elite Family Excursion Membership


4. Elite Family Premium Membership


5. Elite Privilege Access Membership


6. Elite Superiorly Extension Membership


7. Elite Ultimate Privilege Membership


8. Elite Maxima Health Membership (Newest)


Arrival and Departure

  • VIP Greeting and escort on arrival and departure by Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)
  • Expedited immigration and passport control processing
  • Complimentary round trip limousine transfer from airport to residence or hotel on international flights.


Government Facilitation 

  • You will get VIP greetings at the immigration bureau, also you will get assistance in the process of driver’s license, and assist in opening bank accounts.


Other Privilege 

  • Discounts at King Power Duty-Free, hotels, restaurants, leading department stores and shopping malls.
  • Renewable 5 years multiple entry visa with extendable 1 year length of stay per each entry.


Member Contact Centre

  • English : 24 hour-service
  • Korean, Mandarin, Japanese : 6.00am – 9.00pm*

*Bangkok Standard time GMT+7


Membership Fee

  • 1,000,000 baht : 20 years visa
  • 800,000 baht : 10 years visa
  • 600,000 baht : 5 years visa


Process of applying 

  1. Agent will ask the applicant’s information in order to check the status of the applicant. And there is free of charge in checking applicant’s status.
  2. The agent let the applicant fill the form, also sign and send to the Agent. After the agent checks the complete information, the agent will send the form to Thailand Elite Card company. And the process takes around 1 – 2 months.
  3. After the process is approved, the agent will inform the applicant and send the confirmation to the applicant in order to pay the fee through Thailand Privilege card company directly. And the applicant sends the slip of transfer through the agent to follow up the next process.
  4. After the Thailand Elite Card company gets the fee, the company will make an appointment with the applicant in order to issue the visa on the passport.





1. How long does the process take?

  • Around 1 – 4 months

2. What documents are required?

  • Copy of passport
  • Color ID Photo (high resolution)
  • Complete application form
  • Copy of proof of relationship as immediate family of core member

3. Why does Thailand Elite require a copy of an applicant’s passport?

  • A copy of an applicant’s passport will be sent to the immigration bureau for a due diligence check. This is to insure that you are not on the blacklist, watching list or anything that would prevent you from obtaining the visa.

4. If I have a NON-B visa with a work permit, can I apply for Thailand Elite membership?

  • Elite visa is categorized under a tourist visa which does not allow foreigners to hold a work permit in Thailand. Non-Immigrant visa must be cancelled before the Privilege Entry visa is validated.

5. Does a member of Thailand Elite have to report 90 days?

  • According to the regulations of the immigration bureau, a member of Thailand Elite has to report 90 days.



6. What if your passport validity is less than 3 years?

  • According to the regulations of the immigration bureau, if your passport validity is less than 5 years, the privilege entry visa will be valid till the validity of the passport. And the remaining validity will be affixed on the new passport.
  • In order to apply for Thai Elite visa, it needs at least 3 empty pages of passport.

7. Can a member of Thailand Elite visa open a bank account?

  • Yes. A member can contact this service by calling 66 (0) 2 352 3000 or through email: memberservice@thailandelite.com for more details.

8. How to open a bank account?
8.1 What currency?

  • Thai baht or foreign currencies

8.2 Should a member prior book the service?

  • You should book prior 3 days by calling or emailing the member contact centre and inform the currency you prefer.

8.3 Which branch can you open a bank account?

  • Not every branch can open foreign currency account. You should check with the member contact centre.

8.4 Are there anyone from Thailand Elite service at the bank?

  • Elite personal liaison is provided only at Bangkok bank Silom head office.

8.5 What are required documents?

  • Passport, evidence of membership and Elite membership card.

9. What is Thai Elite visa?

  • Thai Elite visa is a Privilege entry visa for temporary stay
  • Renewable 5 years multiple entry visa
  • Extendable 1 year length of stay per each entry.
  • Long stay in Thailand without re-entry
  • Personal assistant will represent 90-day report* Restricted to the Immigration office in Chaengwattana.

10. How to get a driving license?

  • Elite personal liaison services at the Department of Land Transport in Chatuchak.

10.1 How long will it take to get a driving license?

  • If you already have a driving license, the process will finish within 1 day.
    If you don’t have a driving license, you must take training and take a test at the Department of Land Transport in Chatuchak.

10.2 What are required documents?

  • A valid visa
  • A passport which has a validity at least 6 month
  • A copy of passport and visa which was signed already, and a copy of the last entry stamp.
  • Letter of certification in Thailand from the applicant’s embassy, ​​or work permit, or house registration book which has the applicant’s name.
    **The validity of the documents should not exceed 90 days.
  • Medical certificate in Thai language from a clinic or hospital in Thailand states that the applicant has physical and mental health free from the following diseases;
  1. Leprosy
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Drug addiction
  4. Alcoholism
  5. Elephantiasis

**The validity of the documents should not exceed 30 days.

  • Valid regular driver license from the applicant’s home country and the signed copies.
    *If it is not in English, it has to be translated to English and certified by Embassy
    (Note: A physical check, 2-hour training, drive test, and theory test will be required if one has not possessed a valid driver license from home country)
    **Translated to English doc validity should not be more than 90 days old for a certified letter of home country driving license by embassy.
  • Card issuing fees: 305 THB (Car driving license), 205 THB (Motorbike driving license)
  • An applicant must also prepare all original docs for applying Thai driving license.
  • If a member would like to apply both types of driving license, please prepare two sets of documents.



11. If I’m overstaying in Thailand, can I apply for Thailand Elite membership so I do not have to leave the country?

  • You are ineligible to acquire Thailand Elite Membership and you are required to leave the country if you are overstaying on your current entry. Please see the following link for more information – http://overstay.immigration.go.th/advice.html

12. How to request transfer service?

  • Members advise the service date, flight details and drop off or pick up address by call or e-mail to Customer Contact Center.

12.1 Does a member need to book in advance?

  • The service booking should be made at least 5 hours before the service time.

12.2 There will be someone from Thailand Elite assist member at the airport?

  • Elite Personal Assistance will escort members from the pier upon arrival and airline check in counter upon departure until the fast track immigration formality process.

12.3 Is there a service at both Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airport?

  • The service is now available at Suvarnabhumi Airport only.

12.4 Can member book for both domestic and international flight?

  • The service is entitled for only international flight.

13. How to request Elite Personal Assistant?

  • Members can request EPA service upon arrival, departure and connecting flight via Customer Contact Center or email by providing us flight details including date, time and flight number.

13.1 What is Elite Personal Assistant (EPA)?

  • EPA is Thailand Elite staff who will assist you at the airport for your most convenience including fast track immigration formality, luggage claim or etc.

13.2 How can member know who is the EPA staff?

  • Our EPA staff wear golden uniform with signboard of member’s name, apart from EPA staff in Chiangmai International Airport who is in other uniform. Service provide from 06.00 -24.00 hrs. only.

13.3 How many hours in advance for reservation to be made?

  • At least 5 hours in advance

13.4 Which Airports do Elite provide EPA Service?

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport, Phuket International Airport and Chiangmai International Airport

14. How to request complimentary spa treatment?

  • Members can request the complimentary spa by calling Thailand Elite Customer Call Center or send an email to give us the name of the spa, date, time, with or without other members or guests, type of massage, therapist required and the specific room required.
  • The policy of booking is to make an appointment with a minimum of 6 hours prior to service time and minimum of 5 hours prior to service time for cancellation.

14.1 Can any members use the spa services?

  • No, only the Individual member, Elite Ultimate Privilege and Elite Family premium can use the spa services.

14.2 Can the individual (founder member) use aromatherapy oil massage?

  • No, only the Elite Ultimate privilege and Elite Family Premium can use it.

14.3 After the members booked the spa service , will they get the confirmation as they requested at once?

  • No, the call center officers will try to book with the spa , if the spa has the date and time as members requested then we can confirm them back by calling or sending them emails. But if the spa doesn’t have the date and time as the member requested , we will contact the member back to ask them that the spa can provide them with another date and time. If the members accept that we will proceed the booking and send the confirmation letter to the members or call to confirm with the members.

14.4 Booking the spa in the night time after the spa closed but it is more than 6 hours before the service time , will they get the confirmation for the spa services as they requested via calling or email in the night time?

  • No, the night shift officer will hand over the booking request to the morning shift to ask from the spa when they open the shop whether the spa requests are available or not , then we can get back to the members that the booking is confirmed or not. Anyway an alternative choice will be offered if the specific time requested before is not available.

14.5 What will happen if the members do the late cancellation?

  • Starting from 01 Oct 2017 , we have the policy that if any members do the late cancellation , for the spa to be cancelled less than 5 hours , the member will have to pay the penalty charge for those spa services before using the next service.

15. How to request complimentary golf green fee?

  • The members can book the golf services via calling or sending the emails to us at least 1 day in advance to book the golf courses with us, anyway it’s up to the venders where they have the different policies, as some places need us to book 7 or 15 days in advance which you may check with the Customer Call Center via email or telephone while booking the services.
    Members should give us the details such as the place of the golf course requested , the date , tee off times , caddy number required , booking under what name , joining another group name.

15.1 Can the members book for many months in advance?

  • We accept booking only 7 days in advance as per golf course policy .

15.2 Can the members come together with their guests?

  • Yes, the guests of our members can play with the members but they should pay for the fees to the vendors directly under their applicable rate.

15.3 How many hours does the member need to book the golf course before the tee off times?

  • It should be 1-7 day in advance according to golf course policy. In case of date/time require is not available. Customer Contact Center will offer the alternative for member for other option.

15.4 What types of members can use the golf courses?

  • They should be the member of Elite Ultimate privilege, Elite Family Premium and the Individual members (Founder member).

15.5 Who can use Alpine Golf Club?

  • Only the Elite Ultimate privilege and Elite Family Premium packages can use it.



16. What is 90 Days report and how to submit 90 Days report with Thailand Elite?

  • Member has to do 90 Days report of address every 3 months even if the member has a permanent address. The 90 Days report is the process of reporting 90 Days Notification of the Address in Thailand (in case of staying longer than 90 days),
  • Only new members who have applied from 2013 onwards can do the 90 day report via a drop off of their passport, and complete the TM 47 form at our officeThe process of dropping of passport for 90-Day report are as follow:
    1. Members can drop a passport with a completed TM47 form with signature at our head office on Sathorn road from 09.00 – 16.30 every Tuesday.
    2. Our EPL will take the passport with TM47 form to the immigration office on Wednesday.
    3. The passport can be collected at our office on any weekday from 09.00-16.30.*Please note that the member can submit a passport for the 90-Day report within the period of 15 days before expiration date and 7 days after expiration date.

17. What is Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) and how to request EPL?

  • Make a reservation at least 3 working days in advance by telephone herewith: 023523000 or email: memberservice@thailandelite.com (mailto:memberservice@thailandelite.com)Elite Personal Liaison (EPL) service is a Thailand Elite staff who assist and expedite processes concerning government department (available only in Bangkok), such as:
    Stay extension : Elite Visa affix at Immigration Head Office ChaengwattanaTransfer Elite Visa from old passport to new passport at Immigration Head Office Chaengwattana
    Apply for Thai Driver License at at Department of Land transportation (Chatujak) in Bangkok Open Bank Account at Bangkok Bank Head Office Sathorn
    With our assistant, the above processes shall take approximately one and half hours if all the requirements are well prepared.
    Please well note that our EPL service is a first time free of charge as a complimentary to all
    members of Thailand Elite, then second time onwards there will be a service charged of 2,000 THB (maximum 3 hours) per usage and this service is excluded transportation.

18. If a member holds an Elite visa, can the member work in Thailand?

  • Members can apply for Non-B visa and work permit to work in Thailand and Elite visa will continue until its expiry date. Therefore, once members get Non-B visa then they have to use their Non-B visa only as per Thai law which allows them to hold only one visa. Kindly be noted that the visa & 90 day report is totally separate. Members need to check for their validity both for a 90 day report & visa.

19. How to get a certificate of residence?

  • A foreigner can request a certificate of residence in Thailand from either his/her home embassy in Thailand or Immigration Bureau. However, a foreigner must have done a 90 days report since his/her latest entry before requesting this document from the Immigration. If not, the Immigration will refuse to issue this document. We therefore kindly suggest you to request this document from your embassy in Thailand if possible.

20. When do I have to do a stay extension report?

  • Special Entry Visa Holder (SE – Green visa sticker) : Stay extension report must be done every 90 day (as well as 90 day report).
  • Privilege Entry Visa Holder (Gold visa sticker) : Stay extension report must be done once a year, however, it would still require the member to complete a 90 day report in the case if the member stays in Thailand over 90 days consecutively.
  • The immigration will start count day 1 from the entry stamp in your passport. You can do an extension maximum 30 days in advance. The penalty charge for overstay is THB500 per day and maximum of THB20,000.
  • Required documents :
    – Passport which contains an Elite Visa.
    – TM.6
    – TM.7
    – 2 inches photo
    – Official letter from Thailand Elite
  • Make a reservation on this matter at least 3 working days in advance by telephone herewith: 023523000 or email: memberservice@thailandelite.comOverstay penalty :
    These rules apply to the Alien giving himself up at immigration and are as follows :
    • Overstay more than 90 Days – 1 year ban from Thailand
    • Overstay more than 1 Year – 3 year ban from Thailand
    • Overstay more than 3 Years – 5 year ban from Thailand
    • Overstay more than 5 Years – 10 year ban from Thailand
  • Arrested & Found To Be On Overstay- Apprehended
    • Overstay less than 1 Year – 5 year ban from Thailand
    • Overstay more than 1 Year – 10 year ban from Thailand



21. What is all about?

  • The TM.30 ( Notification from House-Master, Owner or the Possessor of the Residence where alien has stayed ) and its underlying laws are about the obligation of a landlord (or housemaster, possessor, manager) to report the stay of a foreigner (non-Thai national) in his/her property. All foreigners staying in Thailand and their hosts should be very well aware of this.The laws with regard to the TM.30 and the obligation to report a foreigner’s stay have been in place for some time (since 1979), but the government has started to enforce it more strictly lately, and changed some of the procedures with regards to your 90-days reporting and extension of visa.

22. What is the purpose of the regulation?

  • Basically, with the TM030 form, the government aims to know exactly where each foreigner is staying all the time. Every host, no matter Thai or foreigner, has the obligation to report the stay of a foreigner within 24 hours.
    This may seem a scary idea to those appreciating their privacy, cumbersome to those providing accommodation, and perhaps even crazy in the eyes of frequent travelers, but we’ve got to live with it because the law is in place and Immigration is enforcing it more and more. The TM30 measures are one of many of the current government that are all aimed at better monitoring and controlling what happens in this country. The government wants to make it difficult for foreigners to stay under the radar especially who Immigration sees as ‘bad guys’, foreigners who overstay and terrorists.

23. Who should act?

  • Officially and practically, the responsibility to report the stay of a foreigner rests with the host: the landlord of a property, the hotel or the service apartment. Untimely reporting of
    a foreigner can be penalized with THB 1,600 per person (normally the penalty does not exceed that amount, even if your landlord reports months too late).However, if you are the guest or tenant, you can’t ignore TM30 either: many foreigners report that they need it when going to the Immigration office for a service, such as the 90-day reporting and sometimes even for visa extensions. It still depends on the officer in charge that you’re facing, but at such moment that you may find out that your landlord did not report your
    stay and you will have to explain where you stayed all that time. There is also a risk that you as a tenant (or guest) may be fined instead of the landlord.
    In some cases, Immigration enforces strictly and demands the return slip of the TM.30 form, in other cases they allow foreigners just to tell them their address and when it’s in the system it’s okay.

24. How to report?

  • As a foreigner staying in Thailand, you should prepare:(a) a copy of your passport (photo page)
    (b) a copy of the visa page in your passport and
    (c) a copy of the departure card (or write down the number on the copy of your passport) The landlord should prepare:
    (a) a copy of the title deed of the property
    (b) a copy of the rental contractIn case the landlord has outsources this matter to a property manager, a letter is needed giving authority to this property manager to report TM30 on behalf of landlord with stamps from the tax office on this letter.
    Then, your landlord or property manager should report in either of these ways:
    1. Most common and most official is to go to the Immigration Office
    (http://www.chiangmailocator.com/chiang-mai-businesses-2906:chiang-mai-immigration- office) and fill out the TM030 form there.
    (You have to go to the nearest Immigration Office and if there isn’t one, you have to report to the Police Office.)
    2. In theory, the landlord can also register online on https://extranet.immigration.go.th/, but this online system is often not accessible (nor are safety standards of the site 100% update).
    Recently, Immigration closed this possibility to report, because people did not include the right attachments.

25. What do the housemaster/ owner or possessor of the residence has to do if the alien granted temporary stay in Thailand has stayed in his/her house/ residence?

  • He/She (The owner of the residence) must notify (by the Form TM.30) to the competent official of the Immigration Office located in the same area of that house/residence within 24 hours from the time of arrival of the alien.

26. Where is the place that the house owner or possessor of the residence has to notify the list of the aliens residing in his/her residence within 24 hours?

  • In case of the house/residence located in the area of Bangkok, it must be notified at the Immigration Division 1, Government Complex, Chaengwattana Road Bangkok. For other provinces, it must be notified at the Provincial Immigration Office located in that area or the local police station if there is no Immigration Office.


Credit: https://www.thailandelite.com