Tourist – Visitor Visa (Visit Friends or Family)

Tourist – Visitor Visa (Visit Friends or Family)

Non-Immigrant / Temporary Visit
Applying for Tourist visa or Visitor visa (Visit Friend or Family), the procedures for each country is different. But the most important of all countries is that the applicant must show clear status. In the event that someone invites, must have an Invitation Letter from the invitation country, provided documents and evidences clear relationship. Including documents from the inviting person (Sponsor) to show their status

Important principles in applying for a visa

  • Applicants must clearly show the financial status, work and relations in Thailand.
  • If the visa applicant have supporters (Sponsor) to issue travel expenses, the applicants must clearly show their relationship with the sponsor.
  • Applicants must strictly follow the conditions of that type of visa.
  • In the event that the applicant has a sponsor, who are foreigner (Boyfriend / Girlfriend), the document must show evidence of a reliable relationship to the embassy.

Our Service

  • Providing initial consultation on the opportunity to obtain visa approval, without charge.
  • Determining the list of documents that will be required to apply for a visa application of applicants and sponsors.
  • Assessment of visa opportunities, problem analysis and finding solutions.
  • The process of requesting an invitation letter from the sponsor.
  • Check the presentation of financial documents, work and solutions.
  • Complete the visa application form, preparing documents and guidelines for answering interviews.
  • Writing a letter explaining the information and presenting the documents of the applicant to the embassy (Very important)


Steps to proceed

Step1: Agree to enter into a contract and pay a partial service fee deposit. After that, the staff will interview applicants and sponsors at the company’s office. (Sometimes may be interviewed by phone or by email)

Step2: Meeting to determine the operating procedures and operating time for applicants and sending documents checklist to applicants and sponsors. Including design and presentation to applicants

Step3: Follow up and provide document consulting from applicants and sponsors

Step4: Collect documents to translate, fill out the application form, arrange documents, writing a letter explaining, practice interview for applicants, appointment for visa application with the embassy

Step5: Submit the application and documents to the embassy or the embassy’s agency. Follow up the results.

** หากคุณมีปัญหาทางด้านเอกสาร ข้อมูล หรือเงื่อนไขการสมัครวีซ่า ขอรับความช่วยเหลือจากทางเราได้

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer Tourist – Visitor visa approval period, each embassy will not be the same. As the conditions of each embassy, such as

British Embassy. According to the time requested but not more than 6 months
Australian Embassy. According to the time requested but not more than 3 months
Schengen Country (Europe). According to the time requested but not more than 3 months
United States Embassy. According to the time requested but not more than 10 years
In some cases, can apply for a Long term tourist – Visitor Visa, depending on the conditions of that country embassy

Answer Applicants must show financial documents and other necessary evidence to confirm the status in Thailand to show the intention to return to Thailand before the visa expires.

Answer Clearly understand the rules and conditions of the embassy, complete presentation of documents for both applicants and supporters, systematic clarification of application documents.

Answer If the customer agrees, the company will assist you. The customer must agree to work with us, which can contract at the office or sending a work contract via email or fax. After that, we will conduct interviews and work meetings, to send a checklist of documents for applying for a visa and determine the working period.

Answer. We will take care of you. But the data analysis evaluates the opportunity. List of documents that need to be submitted, both for applicants and sponsors Writing a statement to the embassy, interviewing, submitting an application to the embassy

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