Why you were refused a visa?

Why you were refused a visa?

For refusal of a visa is caused by the main reasons that the embassy officer still not trust the documents or interviews of visa applicants. The applicants may be suspected that already have sponsors (Sponsors, fans / friends / family) why still being rejected a visa? Because the embassy officer will be primarily consider the documents and status of visa applicants and because of the applicant may underestimate the information of the applicant’s documents to apply a visa.

The first issue, the financial evidence is important part to show the applicant’s status that they have enough financial for traveling, including other expenses while staying in that country. Even if the applicant has sponsor to support them, but they also have to show financial evidence of their own bank account or other securities that are also available.

The second issue, Proof of work. If the applicant apply a traveling – visiting visa. The applicants must to show they have a regular jobs in Thailand or if still studying, they must show evidence as well. In case of the applicants have no work, we have a solution to help them. Moreover, the applicants have to show the relationship with their country or responsibilities of their family to confirm that they must return to continue their work and responsibility after returning to Thailand.

The third issue, Proof of relationship between the applicant and sponsor. Because it is can confirm a status between the applicant and the sponsor.

In addition to the above evidence, the applicants have to know the issues, weaknesses and problems of applicants to a part of the embassy’s decision to refuse the visa.

The reasons of refusal.
1. The evidence of stability status in Thailand is not insufficient.
2. Proof of relationship with the sponsor is not reliable.
3. It is no reliability that the applicant will return to Thailand after their stay.
4. It is no reliability of the documents.
5. The documents for apply is not match to the interviewing.
6. Applying for a wrong type of visa.

For applying all types of visas, except to having to comply with all conditions of the embassy it is also to filling in the form, the documents and other evidences must be relevant of both of the applicant and sponsor. It is not just fill out the form or just arrange the documents including the interview is part of the visa consideration.

If the applicant was refused a visa. The applicants can resume the new application immediately and no need to wait the time. Therefore, the visa applicant must be ready in all aspects because if not apply by completely, you may be the one that the embassy officer refuse for your visa.

Why it’s hard for Thai citizen go get visas?
For Thai citizen, to travel abroad, is not as easy as foreigners to coming to Thailand. Visitors from some countries can entry to Thailand, just presenting their passport to Immigration Officer while Thai citizen have to apply for visa to entry to their countries. For Thai citizen to visiting you in your country they have to apply for a Visitor Visa, you need to provide complete support evidences. Such as evidences of financial statements, work papers, social status and evidences to prove that your relationship is genuine. Particularly for your girlfriend, as an applicant, has to make the Embassy satisfied that she will just to visit you and will stay for a short period and return to Thailand according to the visa period.

With the experience of visa application which is controlled by the Professionals Consultant office as well as supervised by the professional staff, I can guarantee the accuracy and correctness of visa application following the Embassy rules. The best solution to your inconvenience of information or documents will be made to the Embassy Officer, carefully and adequately.

The solutions for refused person.
– Considering the first submission document again whether it’s complete or not.
– Considering the refusal documents from the embassy attached, and find that how the opinion of the visa refusal.
– Do new submission or request for appeal and how to do them.
–Find more information to applying, explaining more purpose and get more additional documents.
–Attached more additional documents and explanation documents.
– To get more reliability of the documents.

The processing

Step 1: Make a contract and pay a deposit of our service. After that, the staff will interview you and the sponsor at the office (and may interview by phone or email).

Step 2: We will talk with our team to determine the steps and the period of the process for you and then send a list of documents to you and the sponsor including suggest the way to presentation for you.
– Checking the application form, the wrong details of the last application.
– Defining a new documents for presentation.
– Writing a letter to explain by reasonably and write a reply to the last refusal statement.

Step 3: Follow and consult the documents from you and sponsor.

Step 4: Collecting documents to translate, fill out the forms, arrange documents, writing the explanation letter, practice interview for you, make an appointment to applying a visa with the embassy.

Step 5: Submit your application and documents to the embassy or agency of the embassy (such as VFS or TLS center).

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